What makes Anthony Canecchia an excellent brewer; the road so far

Anthony Canecchia has carved out a niche for himself in the beer industry and this is through his wonderfully designed crafted beers that have gone the extra mile in mapping him along with the best in the business. This particular fete was not achieved in the blink of an eye and it stands as the culmination of years of total focus and acquisition of the experience needed in the beer industry. Craft beers are normally a challenge for many since they always have to be up to class and have that unique and highly distinct taste which is supposed to impress and get a hold of the taste buds.

Anthony Canecchia

The San Tan Brewing Industry is a development that was thought of after Anthony Canecchia had gained knowledge and experience on beer crafting and blending and this was after seven years of hard work as an understudy. Through his exploits at the Four Peaks Brewing Company, he grew and perfected his skills which had been triggered by his friend whom he was with in college. His passion was a major driving force and in this, he ended up designing specified brews that received a major appeal all over Arizona and this proved to be the big break that he had longed for.

The four Peaks Brewing Company was always going to prove to be the stepping stone that he needed in order to get exposed to the world of complete craft brewing. In this, his talent and skill proved to be quality laden and much more extensive to be confined within the company and this opened way to the establishment of the San Tan Brewing Company. With his entrepreneurial mind and a sharp focus on client satisfaction, Anthony Canecchia chose to combine his crafting of local beers with the preparation of both signature and native dishes which would underpin his rise to the top and also establish his empire.

An experience set up slowly modeled for 7 years was always going to manifest in a big way and by late 2007, his brands of beer were receiving reviews from individuals both in the competing platform and in the consumption quarters. Anthony Canecchia has grown from strength to strength from that time and the expansion of the San Tan Brewing Company at Chandler is proof of the perfect rise that he has enjoyed in the beer crafting industry. Delivering a whole package of both food and drinks was always the wish he had and this is also another factor that has aided his strong assault in the market.

What dignifies and separates Anthony Canecchia from the rest of the personalities in the brewing industry is the fact that he has a good eye for quality and he also carries a compassionate heart which has a soft spot for the community that has played a big part in molding him to the capacity he stands in at present. Bringing in more types and blends of beer, providing quality and signature dishes, organizing and sponsoring charities and holiday events are the major objectives that he participates in with the support of his perfectly branded company, the San tan Brewing Company.


What You Can Expect From Anthony Canecchia as a Master Brewer





People always look forward to having fun and this stems from the idea of being social and having a platform where one can unwind and feel comfortable around other people while enjoying the same setting. Anthony Canecchia has been at the forefront in facilitating the fun setting that people desire and wish for and this is what has earned him the reviews that he has been getting all through. The very aspect that people can be sure to enjoy when they have him at their disposal is world class brews. Though an obvious setting, he is able to give people a taste of well crafted and uniquely produced brews that have been developed under a strict follow up of the specifications and preference levels that befit the type of brew being designed.

The San Tan Brewing Company is diligent in its operations and this is what provides the difference between the company and other beer producing firms. In being diligent and versatile, people can expect that they will have not only drinks that have been quality proven but also the meals that have been prepared by master chefs who prey on the appetite of individuals to produce master class dishes. Anthony Canecchia thus proves to be a real master when it comes to customer satisfaction since he is able to provide every setting that the client may wish for and this underpins his successes.


The beauty about this particular setting is that Anthony Canecchia has been able to stay connected to his clients and in the same spirit connect with their heart strings. This is to mean that he is able to identify and take stock of what the clients want and hence work tirelessly to achieve a setting whereby the client will be the winner. In the past, Arizona has lacked the punch in the beer industry but this has been widely covered by the fact that the San Tan Brewing Company has stepped in and provided both width and quality to the industry. In this, the company is able to produce brews that have been uniquely structured and those that meet international standards and this is a major plus that people can proudly exploit.

Anthony Canecchia understands the value of family and having fun in a larger setting and this is why there is always everything for everyone. Meals that everyone can relate to are served hot and tasty while the beers that initiate a relaxing atmosphere are also served while chilled so that they give ultimate satisfaction. The San tan Brewing Company is making strides towards becoming one among the few companies that can actually satisfy the client base all over the world. To this end, the expansion program that the company is undertaking under the guidance and specified instructions of Anthony Canecchia himself is tuned to make sure that people get to have a ready source of quality and enhanced brews that appeal to their taste and moods at any specific point in time.

Branding the success of Anthony Canecchia as a proud Restaurant owner and brewer

Success always stems out of hard work and sheer determination and these are the qualities that people can expect to identify when they have a taste of the unique and top quality brews that the San Tan Brewing Company has to offer. Anthony Canecchia has been at the heart of the uprising which has seen him stamp his authority as one of the best brewers in the state of Arizona and in the whole world at a larger perspective. His abilities are beyond any normal setting and this is what makes him stand out from all the rest.

Anthony Canecchia

A closer look at the success that Anthony Canecchia has been able to enjoy reveals the strict set up that he runs on. This strict set up is a direct pointer towards what he holds dear and that is the professionalism of his work. This is directly linked to the passion and dedication that he carries along and this manifests in his work as a great brewer who has earned the trust and compliments of the lovers and the critics alike. When a sharp focus is brought up to case, a clear objective is found in the performance that he has been able to keep along and this is majorly of customer satisfaction.

Anthony Canecchia takes pride in customer satisfaction and this is why he struggles to stay connected with the target market and hence have the capacity to get in touch with the needs and taste specifications. This can adequately explain why there are different blends in the market and why all of them provide a setting that is sure to give each and every individual a greater satisfaction. The goal of customer satisfaction is one big stage that has to be concentrated on and this is why he works tirelessly to ensure that people get to have nothing but the best.

Giving people a restaurant and a brew that gives the special delicacies that people desire is the aspect that has catapulted Anthony Canecchia as not only an entrepreneur who has the best interests of the client at heart but also as a person who wishes to share his lifelong dream and skill with the whole world. In this he has been able to register massive success and this is why people should look to have the time of their life when they enjoy the meals and beers since they can be sure that the facilitator has a good eye for quality. Anthony Canecchia is not just a name in the backgrounds as it was in the early 2000s when he was busy mastering his trade. The name is now a brand which is revered and thought of as having the perfect touch of quality, elegance and a level of sophistication that has a bright set up. His care for the brand that he produces is what makes him one of the most prolific and respected brewers who can virtually produce top class local beers with distinct taste and satisfaction.

Munich, Germany is in Arizona with San Tan Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest 2013 Celebration

Anthony Canecchia together with his highly competent staff and crew at San Tan Brewing Company brought Munich Germany into Chandler, Arizona through its recently concluded Oktoberfest celebration (Year 6). The festival happened at 4pm on October 5, and it was an event with a huge crowd greatly reveling into a lot of great beers and foods. Thousands of people became part of the festival, making it a tremendous success. As everyone knows, Oktoberfest is a famous German tradition celebrated in Munich, Germany more than two hundred years ago up to the present.


Presently, various breweries take the time to organize their own fascinating and unforgettable versions of Oktoberfest not only to enjoy the fun, but also as a means of allowing their loyal customers to take time off from their stressful and hectic schedules and be fascinated with the joyous activities being organized for them. For some brewing companies, this is a good way to give back the profits and loyalty they earned from their customers. For many years, the Oktoberfest celebration spells fun and socialization. It reflects happy people who like to have fun and enjoy a day talking, drinking, eating great foods, bonding with their closest friends and family and meeting and socializing with new people.

Oktoberfest becomes a tradition not only in Germany, but also in other states and countries, which is capable of bringing the community and beer lovers together for fun and festivity. The yearly celebration of San Tan Brewing Company also showcases this spirit of community, togetherness and festivities. Its 6th celebration which occurred last October 5 is no exception. It brought a lot of fun in Chandler, Arizona and gave attendees with what they really need, in terms of celebrating the goodness of craft beers and foods.

San Tan’s Oktoberfest 2013 celebration kept up with the tradition enjoyed by a lot of people in different places worldwide for several decades. The event featured all the famous aspects of a standard Oktoberfest party including the abundance of beer and food options, polka and live bands, bratwursts and attractive beer maids. The only difference is that the owner and his crew worked together as a means of allowing the celebration to bring out the uniqueness of Arizona, when it comes to celebrating festivities.

Oktoberfest 2013 prepared by San Tan Brewing also turned into a celebration of everything that a committed brewer believes. The successful event turned into something which brought people who love and enjoy great foods and beers and want to celebrate life to the fullest together. Weeks prior to the actual event, Anthony Canecchia already prepared for it by creating a list of what should take place in the location.

The foods prepared were carefully planned. This allowed his team to manage the process of providing the participants with foods and brews that are truly perfect for the occasion. It allowed locals and foreign visitors in Arizona to enjoy all the things that San Tan can offer especially in terms of its menu. The event also allowed attendees to enjoy traditional German sausages and great games and contests like the bratwurst eating contest. Live bands and music also entertained the crowd. This gave those who bought tickets for the event and spent hours celebrating a memorable experience.

Evaluating what makes Anthony Canecchia tick in the world of brewing

Anthony Canecchia has a large fan base that has been growing with the day and this can be massively attributed to the fact that he is always willing to deliver on his promise of providing blends that are nothing but the best and of the top most quality. In a sharp outlook, it is the qualities that he has that have catapulted him to the position he relishes to be in today and the very first quality that is evident in his working is his dedication. His ability to spend countless hours in finding the inch perfect balance for the blends is what serves to make sure that the beer that is brought to the table is of cream of the crop quality and one that has international standards satisfied.

Brewing is nothing close to perfect when passion is not in the setting. This is the very aspect that Anthony Canecchia thrives in. His passion is unquestionable and it is what makes him the best brewer in Arizona and arguably one of the best in the state. His passion for making sure that he has the ultimate package is another plus which makes sure that his blends are quite compatible with the various delicacies and dishes that people always look to enjoy. This has promoted his status as a brewer that has a keen eye for quality and also for the ultimate comfort package. People are characterized as having the desire to trace all their specified delicacy at one stop and this is what has been brought onto the scene.

Anthony Canecchia

Having food and drinks at a single destination is a genius idea that Anthony Canecchia has mastered to the highest of settings and this is why dining with a San Tan brew is a norm for any resident of Arizona. Ultimate professionalism is a factor that has massively aided this setting since as the chief brewer, he has been able to maintain a cool head and provide exactly what the client wants and what the client can be proud of once they look up to him for a package that can fit the situation. Consistency in performance is another factor that gives Anthony Canecchia an edge in the brewing industry and this has enabled him to create different blends of beer that are of distinct quality and of the required taste and level of elegance.

People can rest assured that they will receive perfect service once they have Anthony Canecchia as their brewer and experienced chef Martinez as the chief in charge of their specified dishes and cuisine. The one thing that combines the two brilliant minds is their absolute obsession with being top class and giving their all towards the process of making it a reality to have quality meals and tasteful beers. All these qualities are what make the best out of ordinary brewers and chefs and this is what has been classified as the trademark of the San tan Brewing Company and the restaurants that serve the quality brews and dishes

Oktoberfest 2013 in San Tan Brewing: A Fun-Filled Event for Locals in Arizona

San Tan Brewing Company is a brewery which is famous for a lot of things. For one, it has become popular because of its ability to brew amazing and great-tasting craft beers and then pairing it with delicious foods. Throwing awesome and unforgettable parties and events filled with great entertainment are also among the many traits of the entire crew of San Tan, led by the owner and brewmaster Anthony Canecchia. Because of its capacity to host magnificent parties and events, it is no surprise why its Oktoberfest 2013 celebration, which took place, just last October 5 turned into a joyous event. The festive and successful celebration even became the talk of the entire state of Arizona for a few days after the event.

Anthony Canecchia

The Oktoberfest celebration of San Tan was the same as the previous years which is family-friendly. In fact, children even those who are below twelve years old were allowed to stay in the location. Children below twelve years even gained access to the location for free. At exactly 4pm, the gate opened with the performance of the Bad Cactus Brass Band. The Oktoberfest games also started thirty minutes after opening the gate. Among the games enjoyed by the participants were the beer games, bratwurst-eating games, beer pong tournament, keg stacking, bag toss, tricycle races and stein races.

Schedule of activities also included the local acts trick entertainment performed at 7pm. Brat eating contest was also enjoyed by a lot of participants. The main highlights of the event also include the live entertainment schedule filled with various acts performed by local bands. Performances were heard and seen from the Bad Cactus Brass Band, 80 Proof, Good Rest and Versions of You. Highlighting the entertainment schedule is also the performance of the nationally renowned Expendables. These performances allowed San Tan Brewing Company’s Oktoberfest celebration to boast of a magnificent lineup of rock, jazz and reggae, rock bands.

San Tan’s Oktoberfest 2013 celebration also featured a beer garden with a Bavarian style. This is where thirty participants got the opportunity to taste the famous Oktoberfest brew of the company. This is a traditional German-style lager which delivers a crisp, clean and firm lager flavor and a firm and strong malt profile. The famous core beers of San Tan were also made available. These include the Epicenter, Hefeweizen, HopShock IPA and Devil’s Ale.

The foods offered in the celebration also include dishes that were popular in Germany. The good news is that these dishes are made unique by the professional chefs of San Tan by ensuring that these still deliver tastes, and flavors that are unique to the local foods in Arizona. With this great food and beer offerings plus exciting games, people were able to enjoy the festival.

The end of the celebration left thousands of happy and satisfied participants who spent hours enjoying the party at Dr. AJ Chandler Park. The park where the celebration took place is just across San Tan Brewing. The success of the 6th Oktoberfest of San Tan was also made possible with the help of HDE Agency who helped in professionally producing the event.

The Growth of the Craft Beer Industry

In the craft beer industry, there are a large number of small independent breweries and there are also the larger firms which operate internationally each offering a differentiated product brewed with various hops and spices to achieve a unique taste. The location, air (salt), and water play a big role in how the beer tastes and can also play a role in the location of the brewery. With that in mind, unique taste alone is not enough to generate profits and growth. Therefore, small independent breweries must also take into account several other aspects of the business in order to thrive against larger firms such as Anheuser-Busch Inc., MillerCoors, Pabst Brewing Co., and D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc. Small independent breweries should also take into account the following aspects:

  • Brand awareness – The presence of the larger more well-known firms makes it hard for smaller independent breweries to get their name out there. They must spend heavily to overcome customer loyalty. To combat these issues, small independent breweries are fighting to provide excellent customer service, offering tours, and brewing various differentiations to accommodate seasons and special events in order to capture the market effectively.

San Tan Brewing Company

  • Concentration and balance – Small independent breweries have to be careful where they concentrate their business and balance growth carefully. If a brewery takes on accounts and cannot fill orders, their tabs are taken out of bars and restaurants. Tabs in which they have to compete with other local breweries and larger firms. Breweries also have to compete with breweries in other regions in which their product is distributed and vice versa. The craft brewery industry has become very territorial so once a tab is taken out of a bar or restaurant it is harder to get a tab back into a bar than it was initially the first time due to a tarnished quality / service image that the bar or restaurant has of that particular firm.
  • Distribution channels – Recently more consumers have become interested in crafted beers and the market is growing rapidly. Some small independent breweries have the opportunity to have their products distributed through the larger firms’ distribution channels which provide high levels of service and excellent contacts within the retail market. However as the industry continues to grow the market continues to become flooded with more craft beers. As a result, fewer distributors are interested in taking on more brands, leaving small breweries to fend for themselves. Fortunately, these difficulties have created a niche for specialty distributors who make the extra effort to distribute craft beers.
  • Absolute cost advantage – In order to achieve a cost advantage in the craft beer industry, brewers must learn to perfect their recipes and brew times to decrease lead times and increase turnover. Brewers also need access to the necessary inputs to achieve an absolute cost advantage. This means that small independent breweries must purchase the proper machines and equipment to do their job as effectively and efficiently as possible. In addition, brewers must also be capable of acquiring the necessary inputs such as hops and spices used to brew the beer. Hops are grown in various regions and things such as the soil, weather, and treatment can affect the taste even if the product is the same. Larger firms such as Anheuser-Busch Inc., MillerCoors, Pabst Brewing Co., and D.G. Yuengling and Son Inc. have even begun to buy out hop farms to protect their business. As a result, it has become harder to find suppliers who are committed to their craft and service.

If you take into account these aspects you are well on your way to understanding what is takes to be as successful as some of the major growing craft breweries in the industry.